MSR SuperFuel White Gas Stove Fuel

Currently Available In-Store Only

MSR® SuperFuel is the highest-performance white gas on the market, more refined and cleaner-burning than any comparable fuel and unmatched for reducing clogs and maintenance.

  • Superior Performance: Designed to improve stove performance, with fewer cleanings and less maintenance.
  • Clean-Burning: Tested to be 100% pure.
  • Reduced Clogging: No dyes or additives to solidify and cause clogs.
Width (Standard) 4.6 in Weight (Standard) 1 lbs 10 oz
Length (Standard) 2.4 in Height (Standard) 7.9 in
Packaged Weight (Standard) 2 lbs 8 oz Volume (Metric) .95 liters
Volume (Standard, fl oz) 32 fl. oz Country of Origin Made in Seattle, USA