DMM Chimera Carabiners (Multi-Color 5-Pack)


The Chimera is our flagship lightweight clean nose carabiner, with dimensions that strike a precise balance between weight saving and usability.

Our signature I-beam construction sheds grams while retaining impressive strength. Security comes from a fully clean nose that reduces snagging, and is backed by a 9kN gate open rating. The Chimera is ideal for trad and alpine adventures where a light rack adds to your chance of success.


  • Designed for maximum strength with minimum weight at 30g
  • Clean nose for snag-free clipping and unclipping
  • Available as an 11mm Dynatec quickdraw in 12cm, 18cm or 25cm lengths
Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight Cat no
Chimera 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398
Chimera - BLT 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398BLT
Chimera - Blue 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398BL
Chimera - Gold 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398GD
Chimera - Green 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398GR
Chimera - Purple 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398PR
Chimera - Red 23kN 9kN 7kN 22mm 30g A398RD
Chimera Color Pack A398-P5
Chimera Quickdraw 12cm A398-12
Chimera Quickdraw 12cm - 5 Pack A398-12P5
Chimera Quickdraw 18cm A398-18
Chimera Quickdraw 18cm - 5 Pack A398-18P5
Chimera Quickdraw 25cm A398-25
Chimera Trad Set 5 A398-T5

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