Backpacker's Pantry Rice with Chicken (2 servings)

Backpacker's Pantry

Sometimes we all need a little comfort. It’s cold outside, you’ve been on the water for 12 hours, or you’ve been stalking that big kill for 3 days. When you’re back home, maybe you want authentic, gourmet, and all kinds of international flavors. But when you’ve been out there for so long and your spirits are fighting to stay high, a flavorful, easy to prepare, hearty meal hits the spot. Backpacker’s Pantry Rice with Chicken is great tasting and high quality, while being comfort food at its finest. An all ages favorite for sure. This meal is no fuss, with white meat chicken and rice and just enough vegetables so they don’t feel left out. Picky eaters rejoice, this is the meal for you too. These flavors won’t let you down. We’re certain they will please your palate and your crazy “I just ate fried crickets” friend’s too. Comfort food doesn’t have to come at a price though—our Rice with Chicken still brings you 13 grams of protein per serving to make sure you’re nutritionally balanced even when you’re not trying to be. When all you have to do is add 2 ¼ cups of boiling water and wait 20 minutes, comfort food is a no-brainer. Dehydrated means you’ve got 7 years of shelf-life without a single preservative. Gluten free and feed two hungry folks.

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